Winds laying down and some good fishin’

Well we had quite a bit of wind the last few days as I’ve mentioned but today things took a turn and got much nicer.  Winds dropped down to 10 mph southeasterly and it’s really feeling like Spring again and not winter so much.  When the winds calm down that of course gives us a lot more fishing options such as the patch reefs and more open water areas.  Today I was able to mix things up with my anglers we fished the patches for a bit and though it was a little slow to start we got on to one spot where the action was hot & heavy!  We loaded up on lane snappers so we got plenty of dinner fish which was the main objective.  After that we hit the bayside and found a variety of rod benders jacks, a few mackerel, and a nice pompano!  We also had time to jump in a protected creek area and pulled out a few more mangrove snappers and a nice snook.  All in just a half day of fishing!  Not that every day is like this but just goes to show you the variety you can get here in the Florida Keys.