Made it happen on a half day!

This was from a couple days ago but we had a bit of a tougher trip trying to put together a catch of snappers for dinner.  Just couldn’t get much going the first couple hours.  But we did manage to get a few around the bridges as well as some jacks and various other critters for action.  A nice nurse shark which was fun for my anglers in the mangroves.  I gave it a little extra time for my people since it was a slow trip and we tried for the last hour for a tarpon.  Literally the last bait out after putting in an extra hour for them got crushed and we got a nice tarpon to the boat to finish the day!  Definitely made the trip for them and they appreciated the hard work and extra effort.  Normally we don’t lift tarpon out of the water however fish under 40 inches can be taken out for a quick picture which we did carefully.