Local canal tarpon on a windy day!

Well we’ve had a windy weekend today it started honking out of the south about 20 mph and tomorrow looks like 25-30 plus a bunch of rain!  So I dunno if we’ll make it out tomorrow but today we were able to get our day in and had a good one.  We caught our bait and were able to hide in some of the local canals around Islamorada to do our fishing.  These canals can be home to plenty of the same gamefish we catch in the backcountry such as tarpon, snook, grouper, snapper, sharks, and more.  And the nice things is its closer to home and once you get in there you are protected from the wind and waves.  Not many people actually fish in there either so I’ve been learning it more & more and it’s a good bet to get away from the crowds.  This was one of the tarpon we’ve released on recent trips.  Note we normally do not lift tarpon out of the water but ones under 40 inches you are allowed to lift up for a quick picture before a healthy release.  Give me a shout if you want to get out fishing I’ve got some days open in May!