1/28/24 Late January prefrontal epic permit catch!

Got out for a full day today and it was a prefrontal condition with a nicer warm day today and looking like the temps will start dropping tonight and tomorrow night.  We had some good tarpon action early, didn’t button up any but we jumped 3 and saw quite a few in several areas.  Later on we found some permit and floated a big old crab to one… had an epic battle a good 45 miuntes or so to boat this beast!  What a catch permit are very tough fish and one of the most prized to catch here in the florida keys.  After that we headed offshore and caught a keeper mutton which was requested by the customers so cool to make that happen, along with a bunch of nice lane snappers.  Never know what you are going to come across here fishing in Islamorada especially before these cold fronts.  It looks like after the front comes through it’s going to get calm again but stay on the cooler side.  Should be an excellent week here for fishing late January in Islamorada.