8/17/2023 Mid August Grouper action!

Had Stephen out for a 3/4 day fishing locally around Islamorada.  We tried for tarpon and saw quite a few rollers but they weren’t too cooperative for us.  But that didn’t stop us from having a great time!  We got into some nice groupers – I’ve been finding some good grouper on a rock pile as of late and we got several including a big goliath which was really cool.  Other action too with various snappers and the like as well as some big rays on the big rods.  Still a lot to do here in August and September and not too many people so you get the place to yourself.  If you want to book a trip let’s connect and get you on the calendar!  October is also a great time to come down as things begin to transition to the Fall and the air drys up and cools off slightly plus we get a lot of bait showing up with good fishing to follow.