9/4/2023 Lots of variety on a September Half Day Charter

Got out for a half day and we had a pretty good fishing trip I gotta say!  Caught some pilchards early on to start.  There has been a good mix of sandy key pilchards and small/medium size razor belly pilchards.  The sandy keys are a little less hardy and don’t live super great especially when it’s hot, but they’re often larger size and nice a juicy so a great snapper or bottom fishing bait.  The razor bellies are much easier to keep alive and work great too and you can often still use them later in a trip as they’ll keep there hum.  Anyways we fished the bridges to start there was lot of activity.  We didn’t catch any tarpon but a variety of snappers, jacks, small groupers, all to be had.  The mutton snappers were boiling on the surface chasing our live baits it was really cool!  We really kept the young man on my boat busy!  Later on we ran around to a nearby island to try for some snook and that was productive as well!  Having the pilchards was key here and we also even caught a juvenile tarpon here too.  I’m fairly wide open the rest of September so if you want to come down and fish give Bud n’ Mary’s a call 305-664-2461 and ask for the SeaCraft charter boat!