11/7/2023 Patch reef fishing on Fire!

Had another awesome half day trip today! We caught pilchards early to start the day, plenty of ’em around as mentioned last report. We hit some shallow water patch reefs on the ocean side with the calmer weather. These are small clusters of coral heads and sea fans on the atlantic side, usually in anywhere from 15 to 30 ft of water. The seacraft I’m running now can get out there even on the slightly rougher days and it is often great fishing this time of year. We had all kinds of action with various snappers, groupers, jacks, and more! We had a few nice jumbo mangrove snappers, and even got a large mutton snapper which was awesome! He got us in the rocks for a few minutes and we let him be, and then maneuvered the boat around and managed to get him loose! We also had quite a few yellow jacks which make for great table fare too.