11/19/23 Half day Juvenile Tarpon Action in November!

Got out for a half day today with a father and young 6 year old son.  Fishing was pretty good to us we caught our live pilchards to start the day.  Bait has been pretty consistent lately.  One of the nice things about the fall.  We did have that crazy storm a few days ago that had winds clocked up to 80 mph out at alligator lighthouse though.  That did make the bait and fishing a little tougher for a couple days though things had balanced out now thankfully.  We stuck around some of the mangrove islands in the Bay and had good action with juvenile tarpon!  Hooked several and landed a couple – what a catch for a 6 year old too!  These small tarpon put on a show but you don’t have to pull on them for an hour like the big boys.  We also had some nice mangrove snappers for tablefare later on.  Drifting pilchards against the bush lines did the trick there.  They had such a good time we ended up extending our day a bit longer too.  I have plenty of days open this coming week and until Christmas week really.  Let’s get out fishing we currently are offering discounted rates too!