11/20/23 Islamorada Patch reef action in November!

Got out on the patches for a trip today.  The patches are sets of coral heads, sea fans, and lively hard bottom that are on the atlantic side of the Florida Keys.  So not exactly the same as the ‘backcountry’ gulf side, but it’s still fairly shallow 15-30 foot of water.  The seacraft boat is great for fishing out here because of it’s high gunwales and bow, so you can get out on these bits of reef even when the wind is blowing a little bit.  Moreso than you could on a skiff anyways.  And the fishing tends to be really good in the fall, winter, and spring when the water is cooler out here.  It’s a great option on half days you can get good table fare, and pull on a big variety of fish.  We had action with barracudas which was fun on light tackle.  Also some various groupers on the bottom including a juvenile goliath.  A huge nurse shark gave us a good battle as well look how big that sucker is!  Hogfish were on the scene too which unfortunately we can’t really keep much any longer due to regulations, but they are fun to catch and beautiful to see.  And of course a variety of snappers out there too that we were able to get a bucket of for a meal.  The phones starting to ring for christmas week and season next year, and we still have some openings around Thanksgiving.  If you want to get out on the water book a trip today call 305-664-2461 and ask for Capt. Trent, or you can use the link on the website to book now!