Finally… a nice day after torrential rain this past weekend!

Well after almost a week of not seeing the sun from some crazy late season tropical system that hit us we finally had a nice day again! Over the weekend we had torrential rain and wind at a steady 30 knots gusting to 50, and some rainy days for several days before that too. Just crazy weather this year as we had another similar system a little over a month ago too. Normally the winter is dry season but not this year though hopefully that is the last of it. We did have another cold front push in that switched things up once the last rain bands went through last night the winds swung northeast and temps dropped to 65… not freezing cold but definitely a difference. We weren’t sure what we’d find with the fishing as waters were very muddy in the bay and all that wind, weather, and rain surely switched things up. But it was good we had pretty good fishing on the patch reefs with various snappers, groupers, and more. Patch reefs are a good bet when the water gets stirred up as that is where you often have clean Atlantic water and when the dirty bay water mixes in, it brings lots of shrimp, crabs, and other things for fish to eat. We also got some nice local Islamorada snook which was really cool too. I’ve got some openings this week and some still for Christmas week so lets get something on the calendar!