12/23/23 Islamorada Goliath Grouper action at the Bridges!

Got on to a good bite of goliath groupers fishing the bridges in Islamorada this morning.  We had our heavier tackle out that we normally use for tarpon but we were fishing near the bridge pilings.  Sure enough we got picked up and had some good tussles with goliath groupers!  A few got us rocked up but we landed some nice ones as well.  Great fight and such a cool fish… hard to believe they’ll grow to 800 lbs!  They are all catch and release so we handled them gently and did so.  We also were able to put together a small cooler full of mangrove snappers and some other various patch reef fish for a good lunch for the crew afterwards.  Christmas Week is here and it’s looking like it’ll be really nice.  We had some recent cold weather and its been slowly warming up the last few days but temperatures have been great and should stay that way for the holiday week coming up.  Tarpon may be a possibility too with water temperatures getting into the bottom range they start to like.  Let’s get something booked before it gets slammed here after Christmas, give me a shout!