1/1/24 Ringing in the new year right patch reef fishing in Islamorad

Got out for fun with my family to do a little patch reef fishing in Islamorada on the atlantic ocean side.  We had a really fun trip we ended up taking a deck boat out there not my usual 20 ft seacraft.  But it was fairly calm and nice.  We got into a ton of yellow jacks which was lots of fun and they are really great eating.  Especially if you like sashimi the meat is very nice uncooked.  On the bigger bottom rods the grouper bite was pretty good too we caught several even a couple keeper size ones, however grouper season is now closed so we had to throw them all back.  Grouper are fun to fight though and definitely give you a tussle trying to get them out of the rocks.  Patch reef fishing in Islamorada should remain a good option for the next few months especially when we have more northerly/northeasterly winds and my seacraft can get out there a lot of days you can’t make it with a smaller skiff.  Let’s get out fishing soon!